Open Door Fellowship (ODF) began in 2010 with a word from the Holy Spirit to restore individuals that may feel disconnected from the church because of theologies and religious practices that do not demonstrate the love that is stated in God’s Word. The vision of Open Door Fellowship is to provide a place of worship and fellowship for individuals and families to experience genuine love and to be inspire to hope. We believe that Jesus Christ came into this world to save all that are lost. Open Door Fellow is a ministry that does not discriminate. All are welcome to come and worship God and fellowship.

At Open Door Fellowship the focus is to restore and build the hearts of people. We are committed to helping individuals understand the truth of God’s Word so that they can live a purpose driven life. We believe that ministry is a relationship with people that helps to shape communities through cooperative programs.

Join us for worship and experience genuine love and leave inspired with hope!

Open Door Fellowship is a move in the right direction.

Meet us at the DOOR!

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