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Open Door Fellowship is a ministry that is called to glorify God by connecting people to Christ through Biblical and Fundamental teaching. We are a ministry where there is engaging worship that inspires, preaching, and teaching that builds faith and relationship with God and others.

We are a community where friendships and opportunities for growth and gift sharing are encouraged. We believe in "loving genuinely and inspiring hope” and support the community by helping to promote change and well-being.  Everyone is welcome to meet us at the DOOR!

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Empowering women to be their authentic selves as God designed them. Encouraging women to live courageously, and to lift other women to REACH their potential.

  • REACH Women’s ministry will
  • REACH in to heal
  • REACH out to receive
  • REACH up to grow spiritually


A community of men who strive to live a life that embraces family, grow in faith, and restore other men who may need our support.


SWAGG is an acronym for Strength and Wisdom to Achieve Great Goals. Our Youth and Young adults are encouraged and challenged to grow into their potential and exceed their expectations in the faith, family, and community.



Community Engagement

We partner with organizations that help build strong lives, strong families, and strong communities


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Open Door Fellowship is a community of like-minded Believers who embrace people from all walks of life. The Leadership of Open Door Fellowship strives to help everyone grow in their relationship with God, family, and the community. We believe the Bible is God’s instruction for living our best life and helping us to understand our Christian journey.

We are committed to community engagement through cooperative programs that support community improvement, development, and growth. We are a ministry that is committed to helping people Connect with their God-given purpose, Grow in love and Christ-like character, and Serve where their gifts match the need. We hope that you will join us and experience the Genuine Love of God and be Inspired with Hope!


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Open Door Fellowship is empowering disciples and making life better for people right here in Baltimore. If you feel led, select a donation option and help share the life-changing power of Jesus Christ with others.

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